HENTGES in Douala (Cameroon)


HENTGES – Your indispensable ally for a new dynamic in the distribution of low and medium voltage electrical equipment.

Our long-term objective is to participate actively and effectively in the energy development of sub-Saharan Africa by supplying quality electrical equipment at competitive prices.

With a personalized accompaniment, as a guarantee for stability, we ensure the technical advice and training of our customers.

HENTGES - Contact in Cameroon


4.098639 N, 9.743667 E

Vallée commissariat du 12ème
BP 3296 Douala, Bonamoussadi

Pierre Celestin Djeutcha Djeumen

Managing Director

+237 691 60 33 25

+352 691 10 73 03

Eloge Nzegang

Sales executive

+237 699 59 65 77

Portrait Pierre Djeutcha
Portrait Eloge Nzegang

HENTGES - Partner of Leading European Manufacturers

HENTGES - Consulting and Sales of Products

Low voltage products

    • Molded-case & air circuit breakers
    • Contactors, softstarters & manual motor starters
    • Miniature circuit breakers, residual circuit breakers, and surge protective devices
    • Electronic relays, and modular DIN rail components
    • Steel cabinets & thermoplastic enclosures
    • Compact distribution boards
    • Drives & motors

Low voltage instrument transformers

    • Voltage transformers
    • Current transformer with primary windings
    • Window-type current transformer
    • Split-core current transformer

Medium voltage products

    • Vacuum circuit breakers Ur = 12 – 40,5 kV
    • Vacuum contactors Ur = 3,6-12 kV
    • Switch disconnectors
    • Earthing switches
    • Protection & control units

Current transformer for medium voltage applications 0,72 kV

    • We have been developing and manufacturing our own toroidal transformer product range at the Zülpich site since 2001. We cover the complete voltage range from 0.72 kV to 1000 kV.
    • Cast resin window-type CTs
    • Cast resin split-core CTs
    • Tape-wounded window-type CTs

Medium voltage instrument transformers

    • Voltage transformers for indoor and outdoor applications
    • Current transformers for indoor and outdoor applications
    • Voltage, current or combined metal clad instrument transformers
    • Bushing-type current transformers

Distribution transformers immersed in mineral oil

    • Isolation level from 15 kV to 36 kV
    • From 160 kVA to 3150 kVA

Air-insulated medium voltage switchgears

    • metal-enclosed and metal-clad
    • container installation
    • turn-key transformer substations

Mobile energy system

20 foot switchboard/synchro container with connection sections for incomings and outgoings

HENTGES - From Our Location in Douala, We Attend to the Needs of Our Customers