HENTGES GmbH in Zülpich, Germany

Project Planning Support and Sale of Products

  • Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers (moulded-case circuit breaker up to 1600 A, air circuit breaker up to 6300 A)
  • Enclosures and accessories (steel and insulating enclosures, measuring devices, wiring ducts)
  • Low-Voltage Instrument Transformers (voltage transformers, current transformers with primary windings, window-type current transformers, split-core current transformers)
  • Medium-Voltage Instrument Transformers (indoor cast resin transformers, outdoor cast resin transformers)
  • Cast-Resin Power Transformers (up to Um = 36 kV and 20 MVA)
  • Fully Insulated Busbars (up to In = 6500 A and Um = 72,5 kV)
  • High-Voltage Instrument Transformers (capacitive and inductive voltage transformers, top core design current transformers, hairpin design current transformers, combined transformers)
  • Air-Insulated Medium-Voltage Switchgears (metal-enclosed and metal-clad, container installation, turn-key transformer substation)
  • Protection Relays (for complete protection of power generating and distribution systems for low, medium, and high voltage)
  • Cable protection systems (cable glands, cable protecting hoses, conduit connections)
  • Gravity die casting and high pressure die casting components

Partner of Leading European Manufacturers

Development And Production Of Instrument Transformers

Our Current Transformers: Expert Knowledge And Certified Quality

Since 2001 we develop and produce our own model range of ring type current transformers at our location in Züllpich, Germany. Final routine tests are fulfilled in compliance with the legal international standards. All operations are supervised and guided by our ISO-9001 quality management system.

Since its foundation our company has been engaged in consulting and sales activities in the field of current and voltage transformers. Our technical competence covers the complete voltage range from 0,72 kV up to 1000 kV.

Service For Circuit Breakers

Servicing and Repairing Circuit Breakers

We take over the maintenance and repair of switches in our own workshop and on site. With certification up to the highest level, we cover all areas of application: from industrial plants, hospitals, banks and many other locations to wind power rotors and cargo ships - here even worldwide.