Provider Information HENTGES SARL (France)

Company Information

HENTGES SARL is a company organised under French law.

Hentges SARL
39, boulevard Anatole France
93200 Saint Denis

Phone: +33 1 48 13 19 69
Fax: +33 1 42 43 36 09
Email: france {at} hentges {dot} eu

Legal place of business: HENTGES SARL, 39 boulevard Anatole France, 93200 Saint Denis, France
Legal form: SARL capitalized with 30 000 €
Trade register: RCS Bobigny: B 401 444 351

Legal representative: Robert Hentges

European VAT Identification Number


Responsible for the website content

HENTGES GmbH, Am Meilenstein 4, 53909 Zülpich, Germany
Email: post {at} hentges {dot} eu


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Director of Company Communications

Robert HENTGES: post {ätt} hentges {punkt} eu