Activity and Portfolio in Germany


  • Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers (moulded-case circuit breaker up to 1600 A, air circuit breaker up to 6300 A)
  • Enclosures and accessories (steel and insulating enclosures, measuring devices, wiring ducts)
  • Low-Voltage Instrument Transformers (voltage transformers, current transformers with primary windings, window-type current transformers, split-core current transformers)
  • Medium-Voltage Instrument Transformers (indoor cast resin transformers, outdoor cast resin transformers)
  • Cast-Resin Power Transformers (up to Um = 36 kV and 20 MVA)
  • Fully Insulated Busbars (up to In = 6500 A and Um = 72,5 kV)
  • High-Voltage Instrument Transformers (capacitive and inductive voltage transformers, top core design current transformers, hairpin design current transformers, combined transformers)
  • Air-Insulated Medium-Voltage Switchgears (metal-enclosed and metal-clad, container installation, turn-key transformer substation)
  • Protection Relays (for complete protection of power generating and distribution systems for low, medium, and high voltage)
  • Cable protection systems (cable glands, cable protecting hoses, conduit connections)

Partner of leading European manufacturers

RITZ Instrument Transformers
Schneider Electric