HENTGES in Zülpich (Germany)

HENTGES - With Lots of Energy

In the distribution of electrotechnical products for industry and craft, HENTGES has been supplying customers from all over the world with individual solutions since 1984.

Since the company was founded, HENTGES has been selling circuit breakers as well as current and voltage transformers. Already about 40 years HENTGES convinces with great know-how in consulting, distribution and service. In the field of low and medium voltage, HENTGES today has a comprehensive portfolio that covers a large part of the needs in the distribution and control of electrical power.

For 20 years, we have been producing a proprietary product series toroidal transformers. As a manufacturer with our own production at the Zülpich site, we are able to respond specifically to the wishes of our customers.

HENTGES - Contact in Germany

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Monday – Friday
8:00-12:30 and 13:00-16:30 hours

Am Meilenstein 4
53909 Zülpich

50.702380 N, 6.666422 E

HENTGES - Distribution - Project conception - Development

Low-voltage circuit breakers

moulded-case circuit breaker up to 1600 A, air circuit breaker up to 6300 A

Enclosures and accessories

steel and insulating enclosures, measuring devices, wiring ducts

Low-voltage instrument transformers

voltage transformers, current transformers with primary windings, window-type current transformers, split-core current transformers

Medium-voltage instrument transformers

indoor cast resin transformers, outdoor cast resin transformers

Cast-resin power transformers

up to Um = 36 kV and 20 MVA

Fully insulated busbars

up to In = 6500 A and Um = 72,5 kV

High-voltage instrument transformers

capacitive and inductive voltage transformers, top core design current transformers, hairpin design current transformers, combined transformers

Air-insulated medium-voltage switchgears

metal-enclosed and metal-clad, container installation, turn-key transformer substation

Protection relays

for complete protection of power generating and distribution systems for low, medium, and high voltage

Cable protection systems

cable glands, cable protecting hoses, conduit connections

HENTGES - Partner of Leading European Manufacturers

HENTGES - Development and Production of Instrument Transformers

Toroidal transformer in proven design and quality

HENTGES - Instrument Transformers
Selection of HENTGES instrument transformers

We have been developing and manufacturing our own toroidal transformer product range at the Zülpich site since 2001. We cover the complete voltage range from 0.72 kV to 1000 kV.

Compliant and certified

Our devices comply with the relevant international standards. Each device is tested for compliance with the standards in our own test bay before delivery.

HENTGES is a certified manufacturing company. Our quality management monitors and directs all production steps.

HENTGES - Comprehensive Service

HENTGES - Maintenance and Repair of Circuit Breakers

HENTGES handles the maintenance and repair of circuit breakers in its own workshop and on site.

With certification up to the highest level, we cover all areas of application: from industrial plants, hospitals, banks and many other locations to wind power rotors and cargo ships – here even worldwide.

HENTGES - Distributor for PALAZZOLI in Germany

For more than a century, unrivalled safety standards have remained a top priority. This commitment has made the Palazzoli brand synonymous with reliability in the electrotechnical industry, recognised by a large number of customers and consolidated by the established performances of its products.

This is shown by the numerous awards it has received:  

Palazzoli Award

Palazzoli company is specialized in manufacturing electrical appliances with safety features that are protected and watertight, for industrial, marine, civil, agricultural and OEM applications.